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US Soldiers in Iraq Issued with Harry Potter Cloak

Making the fiction into reality, US Army has taken the camouflage concept to an unrealistic level where it makes the soldiers virtually invisible to the naked eye.

A recently released video of an IED attack against a US Tank in Iraq has left the world in disbelief because all you see is opening of the hatch of the armored vehicle but the soldier entering it is absolutely invisible until his ‘stealth cloak’ wears off.

The use of background graphics to hide something in plain sight is an old art used by magicians but it has never been tried to this level before. The brazen concept of ‘adaptive stealth’ displayed by the soldier in video is leaps beyond anything seen in real world and is a feat to make even the ‘Hogwarts’ proud.

Concept of invisibility has always been fascinating and Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Hollow Man’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’ featured science and magic to achieve this goal but Harry Potter ‘ cloak of invisibility’ seems to have been the idea behind an adaptive suit made of a special fabric for soldiers in the combat. Since you can only shoot what you see, this secretive suit is surely a ‘life savior’ as demonstrated in this actual combat video from Iraq.

Though nothing official is received so far regarding the cutting edge technology seen in this video, it is speculated that it will not be long before some suits with adaptive digital patterns may become popular in coming days.

If available commercially, CCTV cameras for the security would become obsolete and ‘Harry Potters’ will be a nightmare for police forces world-wide.

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