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UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact Review

For many years now, I have been an ardent fan of tactical shooting. One of the most important tools that I have relied on is tactical-range scope. Being a weekend warrior shooter, I needed a range scope that would help me hit my target consistently. My top option has been UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact range scope. Here are a few things that I feel you should know about this unique and state of the art scope.

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Weight and Size

UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact range scope weighs 1.4 pounds and the dimensions are 10.4 by 1.6 by 2.1 inches. The small size and the lightweight make it easier to carry while in the shooting range.

Durable Batteries

The scope uses two lithium metal-batteries that are fog proof, waterproof and which has nitrogen purging.

Illumination Enchancing (IE) Reticle

This awesome scope has an Illumination-Enchancing-Reticle that can offer personalized illumination. It offers 36 colors and suits all environmental requirements.

Zero Locking and Resetting Target Turrets

This important feature helps you make your preferred field adjustments hence improving your precision and accuracy while aiming. I really like it because it has helped me shoot accurately most of the times while in the field. The scope also has a side wheel-adjustable-turret that is able to offer parallax-adjustment starting from ten yards to infinity.

Innovative optics

​The UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact scope has optics with multi-colored lenses and glare free integrated-angled sunshade. The scope also comes with lens caps that can flip open.

Uninterrupted illumination

UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact offers a special housing and circuit design that guarantees an uninterrupted illumination. With this fantastic design, the EZ PAP IE illuminating system was created for an excellent intuitive operation.



UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact scope looks astounding on the rifle. It looks great when use in mid-sized and long range rifles. The overall build and design of this scope is just right.


The optics comes with EZTap illumination technology, which handles diverse weather conditions and environments. It also works great from a distance of 10 yards to infinity. Color blind shooters will find this scope a wonderful choice. The EZTap illumination is a useful tool especially if you are shooting during the night. 

Personally, I love how I’m able to change the colors to suit my preferences every time. I have searched around and haven’t seen a scope within this price range that has this incredible feature. I also liked the illuminated reticle because it helped me see my target with minimal strain on my eyes. The elevation and windage is a lot easier to read.


UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact scope has been tested and found to withstand all weather conditions. It is fog proof and water proof. It has also been tested with rifles that have extreme recoils. 

Some rifle scopes that are in the market today do quite well on the first few shootings but less accurately as you continue using it because they are ill equipped to handle your rifle’s recoil velocity. But this isn’t the case for this scope as its function and clarity remains in excellent shape even after hundreds of rounds down the line.


UTG 3-12×44 SWAT works well with AR15 and several other compatible rifles. I found the elevation and windage knobs that are tightly held on the wheels to be nice. It has integrated rings, flip-up lens caps and batteries.


UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact scope is among the lightest of scopes that you can find in the market today. Although its design makes it look heavier, it’s just 1.4 pounds in weight. This is quite beneficial for me taking into account the heavy rifle that I carry. But even with this light weight, you can still find its durability to be amazing.


There is no doubt that a scope that has all these features should cost a few thousand dollars, but because it’s manufactured in China, it is a lot much cheaper. This is good because you get to use high end scope features at a price that you can afford. You will be astonished to find out how many heavenly features that this scope has.


I find it a little hard adjusting the knobs, especially to zero. While this might be beneficial for other shooters, it does not work well for me, especially when I need to do quick adjustments while in the field. I find it stiff turning the knobs.

The magnifier does not function in full zoom. At 12 xs, the clarity is blurred. However, it may not have been designed to function at that level of magnification.

Moreover, the caps that can be installed on the scope are not tight, so they are not good enough for resistance. It irritates me having to lose caps while in the shooting range and I feel that this is an area where the manufacturer should strive to improve.

UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact Scope Video Review

What Other Customers Say

UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact scope has 678 customer reviews on Amazon, with an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here are a few comments that stood out at Amazon.

Posted by Chris

I love the fact that I’m able to enjoy the high end features that UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact scope offers at affordable price. This scope compares with the best that are in the market today, and the difference in price is because it’s made in China.

Posted by Paul

The UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact scope is another of those choices of scopes that doesn’t leave a huge dent in your pocket, yet it offers superior features and exceptional results. I love the high quality and innovative features. Its overall light-weight also makes hunting convenient and easy for me. There is nothing more that I can ask for.

My Verdict

UTG 3-12 × 44 SWAT Compact scope is impressive and you don’t have to think twice of the price. Just in the same manner as I’m satisfied with it, you can read other UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact and you will be amazed at what people have to say about this amazing scope. Whether you are a beginner or colorblind shooter, UTG 3-12×44 SWAT Compact scope is highly recommended. It’s light, easy to install and highly durable. This riflescope guarantees you of great value and recommended for any shooter. It performs much better than anyone’s expectations in the shooting range.

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