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Wellco Men’s T180 X-Force Review

The Wellco Men's T180 X-Force joins Wellco's most developed lightweight elements with the sturdiness and execution required in battle or aggressive operations. This battle boot is completely consistent with DA PAM 670-1 it is a GSA-affirmed thing and an exchange neighborly item. Made of cowhide and nylon, the Wellco Men's T180 X-Force Boot is water-safe and quick drying. You have secure balance in this military boot. The forceful multi-directional elastic outsole effectively grasps tricky or tough landscape. Toe and heel tread locks are strengthened with sewing. This likewise is a truly agreeable battle boot.

Rating: 4.1 / 5.0

Lets examine Wellco Men's T180 X-Force Review to know more on what it has to offer.

Wellco Men's T180 X-Force Design

Antimicrobial linings resist scent causing microscopic organisms, but on the other hand they're moisture-wicking to give solace. The material wicks sweat far from skin, leaving feet dryer. The soft footbeds are made with Wellco's Elite Signature innovation to soften and absorb sway. Made with shock-resistant polyurethane, the lightweight insoles shield feet from stepping and standing effect. The shaping footbeds move and adjust to feet as they move, so you're never without cushioning.

Designed with 1000 denier Cordura nylon and full-grain cowhide, these boots both insulate and cool feet as required. The abrasion-resistant nylon keeps feet ventilated, permitting warmth to escape as required. Be that as it may, the intense cowhide is solid and supportive, shielding feet from cool climate and water. It's been silicone-treated for extra climate resistance. The tall, light tan design is finished with cushioned collars and tongues to make a soft, agreeable fit.

EVA froth was compression-formed into the midsoles to make a quill light layer of effect resistant cushioning. The high-abrasion elastic soles are slip-resistant and made for off-road, so you can walk anyplace. Oil-resistance protects the tread from corrosive chemicals. Made with non-metallic stealth innovation, Wellco Men's T180 X-Force Combat Boots are security-accommodating. But at the same time they're inviting on your feet, and that is what's essential.

Item Description

Wellco 8" X - Force Tactical Lightweight Boots won't bog you down when you're tracking down bad guys file these rugged boots under "sissy-proof" made with flesh-out full-grain leather and super-tough 1,000-denier Cordura nylon uppers, you'll be ready for whatever your duty demands. Features a tan aerospacer lining that wicks away moisture for all-day, dry comfort. Very close look: Cushioning, contoured polyurethane footbed for comfort; Slip-resistant, oil-resistant tactical rubber/EVA outsole; Comfortable leather collar; Each boot weighs approx. 36 Ozs. State Size. Initiate this pair of boots now Men's Wellco 8 X-4orce Tactical Lightweight Boots.

Item Features

  • Full Grain Leather and Nylon Upper
  • ​Lightweight EVA Midsole
  • ​Moisture Wicking Lining
  • ​Wellco Pursuit Outsole
  • ​Slip and Oil-Resistant
  • Agreeable and stable fit, sturdy construction 

Personal Experience with the Product

I've possessed numerous Wellco boots throughout the years yet this is just my second match of 'new style' desert/warm climate boots. Old style military/obligation boots have a tendency to have practically zero lower leg support while the new era of strategic boots highlight cushioned shafts and tongues strengthened with plastic, elastic, or webbing. I purchased these Wellco X-power boots in the wake of purchasing the Wellco Spartan boots, another new strategic model.

I have a wide foot and my extensive boots fit serenely. They are wide at the forefoot where I require the width however the heel zone holds my heel without being too tight. I have a major "knuckle" on the huge toe of my right foot and some boots are uncomfortable across the top surface of my right foot, in any event until they soften up. These X-power boots are agreeable across the highest point of my foot notwithstanding when bound solidly. The shaft is easily cushioned, the tread seems to be just grippy enough to give me great footing rough terrain without feeling slippery or excessively grippy on cement or cover. The insole is cushioned however firm and these boots feel like a softened up pair of sneakers.

If I needed to choose, I would most likely choose the X-power over the Spartan because the X-power seems to be more agreeable out of the container, yet the Spartans are unquestionably a well-made model of boot. NOTE: The Spartans have vented air/waste holes at the instep and the X-power don't. I live in an exceptionally dry atmosphere with calm climate most of the year so I can wear either three seasons yet if waste gap are essential to you, you won't discover any on the X-power.

Sizes Manufactured: Regular/Wide: 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5-12, 13, 14

AR 670-1 Consistence

For one thing, they are essentially lighter than my issue boots: enormous win. They are not sneaker light, but rather they are lighter than the normal pair of boots, while as yet offering critical solace. All the more imperatively to me, the wide size is in truth wide. I can wear these boots for drawn out stretches of time without distress, which was critical to me. I can't address how they hold up long haul yet, however so far they have held up extremely well.

One note, in the event that you are in the military and are taking a gander at these boots as an other option to your issue, I will bring up that they are being a tease the line with regards to AR 670-1 consistence. They look a tiny bit changed, all things considered, and I've had a few remarks on them from others, however toward the day's end solace and wearability is my principle objective, so I am alright with conceivable resistance. Be that as it may, you might need to think of it as all the more precisely if your summon will restrict you from wearing them in view of their appearance rather than having a costly paperweight.


That is all I'm ready to say about this boot. Try not to do what I ordered, your genuine size. These boots are THE BEST combine of boots I've ever possessed. In addition to the fact that it is impossible to roll your lower leg in them, they have the most stunning circular segment and heel supports I've ever seen. Ever. Never had I had a boot this stunning straight of the container. It is somewhat uncomfortable once you wear it surprisingly, however in 2-3 days of wearing it throughout the day, it makes it all justified, despite all the trouble. They don't lie when they say there are supports in the boots. Other than the toe zone, everything is totally surround by this boot. And the toes, the toe are has so much room. I know it sounds irregular when I say that, yet you truly have enough space to where you can raise the greater part of your toes up, but since of the cushioning all around the rest of your leg/foot, your foot doesn't move and the territory is extremely large and very great. What are you sitting tight for? go shopping now and have a pleasant minute selecting your best Wellco Men's T180 X-Force Combat Boots.

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