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What to Look For When Buying a Fly Fishing Rod

Fishing is one my favorite activities during leisure time. As a beginner, fishing was a tough experience since I did not have the right equipment for the job. However, after consulting my friend, I learned that fly fishing rod was the most effective fishing equipment. I decided to acquire a new fly fishing rod, but the problem was that there were many brands available in the market. I was confused and nearly got frustrated when finding the best fly fishing rod. However, nowadays, I know what to look for when buying a fly fishing rod.

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Here is a list of the Best Fly Fishing Rods

Here are the things I considered when I was buying my favorite fly fishing rod.

1. Fly-Rod Materials

In the market, I found out that fly rods are made of different materials. Moreover, I also learned that each fly rod material has distinct advantages. The options of fly rod material include;

  • Graphite: the fly fishing rods made from this material are light and very strong. In this case, such rods are extremely durable and very sensitive.
  • ​Nano-silica resin: this is an improved version of the graphite fly fishing rods. The nano-silica particles are used to make the fly-rod stronger and powerful.
  • ​Boron: this material is used in the aerospace industry but has found application in the fishing industry. The boron is added to graphite hence making the rod lighter, stronger and more sensitive.
  • ​Fiberglass: the fiberglass rods became almost obsolete after the introduction of graphite. However, fiberglass is still important in the fishing industry. They are slower than graphite rods hence ideal for slower casting stroke. Moreover, they are very effective for people who want to go fishing in small streams.
  • Bamboo: this is traditional fishing rod material that is very important for fly-fishing. They have a faster action than fiberglass. However, they are heavier than fiberglass and graphite.

2. Type of fishing

The type of fishing plays a major role in selecting the fly fishing rod. For instance, I love fishing for trout hence I am limited only to fly fishing rod for trout. In the market, there is a specific fishing rod for each type of fish. Moreover, I love fishing in a mountain stream and my fishing rod will be different from those who want to go fishing in oceans and lakes.

3. Type of action

The flexibility of the rod determines how quickly the rod will load and unloads. This is influenced by the weight of the fly fishing rod. The fast action rod is that one which loads and unloads quickly. In this case, there are slow-action, medium-action, and fast action. I love using a fast-action fly fishing rod. Here we are going to discuss the type of action in different fly fishing rods.

  • Slow-action fly rods - also, known as a full-flex rod, they are made of very flexible rods. They are designed to be used for fishing small fish in streams. Catching a fish using slow-action rod is a very exciting experience. It makes small trout feel like catching a 5 pounds steelhead.
  • ​Medium action fly rods - also known as mid-flex fly rods, they are popular because they can be used in many different situations. They are ideal for catching a fighting fish in windy conditions allowing for top precision in the casts. In this case, medium action fly rod can be used in medium to large rivers and even in some lakes.
  • Fast action fly rods - also known as tip-flex fly rod, fast action rod is ideal for fishing in extremely windy conditions. Casting with the rod is easier because it is very powerful. Fast action fishing rods is primarily designed for fishing in lakes and oceans. This rod cannot be used for trout fishing.

4. Length of the fly fishing rod

A fly rod length is a simple task and is dependent on where you will go fishing. When fishing in a spring creek or a small stream, a smaller rod will be essential.

On the other hand, a longer fishing rod will be required if you will be fishing in large rivers and streams. Typically, you will need a 9-inch rod for trout fishing in medium-sized rivers. Moreover, a 10-inch rod is ideal for fishing in the largest rivers. A small fly rod, about 7.5-inch, is most effective in very small spring creeks and rivers.

5. Fly Line weights

This is an important consideration when choosing the right fly rod for fishing. The fly rod manufacturers use a standardized numbering system that describes the fly line weight. Each fly line weight is designed for specific fly fishing conditions and types of fish. Here is the summary of the fly line weights and their respective fish species.

  • Fly Line Weight 1-3: this is ideal for fishing small trout and other small fish.
  • ​Fly Line Weight 4: used for fishing medium sized trout and other medium sized fish.
  • ​Fly Line Weight 5-6: this is the most versatile of all the line weights. It is used for fishing the smallest up to the largest trout.
  • Fly Line Weight 7-9: they are designed for large salmon, trout, steelhead, and other large fish. Moreover, they are very useful in windy conditions.

Matching the line weight to the fishing rod can be a daunting task and can lead to poor results if done wrong. Fortunately, the fly lines use the same numbering system as the fly rods.

6. Grip styles

I usually choose a fly fishing rod that has the most comfortable grip. Ultrafine and cigar grips have unique down taper and usually used with light rods. On the other hand, half-well grips are used in mid-length and mid-weight rods. Moreover, reverse half-wells and full-wells are used on mid-weight to heavy-weight rods. In this case, they have a reverse taper that makes to easier to achieve a powerful stroke. Some rods include a fighting butt that is useful for easing fatigue during long battles with fish. This will make the rod heavier, but is a useful asset for catching large fish.

Recommended highly effective Fly Fishing Rods

I have been in the fishing industry for years and I highly recommend the following fishing rod. The outfits offer an enviable blend of quality and come with replacements warranties. They last for years and always fell great all the time. They are available in Amazon.

1. Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package

This is one the fantastic fly rods that come in four pieces of fly rods with fantastic lifetime warranty. I needed a fly fishing rod with 5 or 6 weight line and can work greatly for everything from small trout and pinfish to small bass. I used it both local bound and trophy trout stream and works perfectly in both. It is made of composite graphite and weighs around 5.7 ounces.

2. Sougayilang Saltwater Freshwater Fly Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Kit

I received this fishing rod during my birth day from a friend of mind. Its performance exit expectations as it are amazingly balanced.

3. Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo Kit

I highly recommend this for you because of its great value. I needed a nice, light, action rod and I found a match on this rod. It features perfect functioning reel, 2 wet flies, fly-line and a leader. It is ideal for both learners and old veteran fisherman.

4. Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 3/4 (7' Rod) Starter Package

I am a flying novice and I needed an outfit that will fit my suitcase perfectly, when I learned that this model is a perfect one. It is a light weight, compact flyfishing rod that I highly recommend for those looking for a travel-friendly outfit.

5. Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit

I like this model of fly fishing rod as it feature the best quality offer. I obtained mind directly from Orvis through Amazon. It comes with 25 years of warranty.

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