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Will You be Stuck in a Traffic Nightmare?

Bernie Carr of put together this intuitive guide to avoid nightmaric traffic

1. Start paying attention to your commute Many people drive to and from work on auto-pilot, lost in thought and not paying attention to what’s around them. 

2. Listen to the news A lot of people I know don’t care about the news and don’t even check the weather. You have to be aware of what’s going on so you can have a plan for the day. Have alternate ways to get news even in an emergency.

3. Avoid the situation If you hear there is a storm coming, decide quickly on whether you and your kids will try and venture out. I know there is a price for missing work or school – lost wages, having to call your boss, missed lessons, but they may be overridden by safety issues. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just stay home.

4. Carry a car emergency kit 

5. Know your kids’ school emergency plan Many schools go on lockdown in the event of an emergency. Know the procedures, how and where to pick up your child. Make sure the school has a backup emergency contact in the event you are unable to get there.

6. Map out several routes you can take to get home or out of the city Most people will rush to the same route they take to and from work. Plan your alternate routes before anything happens.

If you do get stuck, there are things you can do to help yourself, as long as you plan ahead.

  • Keep your gas tank half full at all times This will keep you from running out of gas in a traffic jam.
  • Always have comfortable clothes and weather appropriate clothes in the car If you do have to walk at least you can be comfortably dressed and not have your feet covered with blisters by the time you get home.

Sometimes you can do all the right things and still get stuck anyway. But planning ahead may help you alleviate or avoid a difficult situation altogether.

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