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Best Combat Jungle Boots 2018

Looking for the best jungle combat boots the market has to offer? Below is a compiled list of the best jungle combat boots according to buyers.

Best Combat Jungle Boots available on Amazon

Here is a list of the Best Combat Jungle Boots

Top Five Best Combat Jungle Boots

 1.  The Black Panama Sole Military Leather Jungle Boots

Rating: 3.4 / 5.0

These boots have a history that dates back to 1968 in the US military. They were developed for US troops in the jungles Vietnam and South East Asia. They are a multi-material, heavy duty boots.

Specifications are:

  • Canvas and nylon on the upper side of the boot, black, cow-hide leather toe, heel and lace area and a black rubber panama sole. These multi materials combined are tough and give the boot protection from wear and tear in any environment. The rubber soles also ensure firm grip on slippery grounds.
  • ​Heavy duty with a two-and-a-half-pound weight. The boots are quite heavy and are designed to thrive in rocky environment.
  • ​They feature vent soles in the instep for ventilation and drainage of moisture. Normal jungle boots are uncomfortable and unsuitable for warm, humid environments.

This boot is great for heavy duty activities, like in construction sites where damage can be done to weak-material shoes. It is also great for outdoor activities such as camping and hitch-hiking. A thorn can definitely not penetrate through the strong leather sole so do not worry about wear and tear during an expedition.

Customer reviews

Majority of customers are satisfied with the product and its delivery in serving the purpose of being fit for heavy duty activities.

The only shortcoming is that the boots come with an odor that users do not like.

The boots should be bought a size smaller as they are a big fit shoe.

 2.  Rothco Jungle Boots

Rating: 3.3 / 5.0

This is another brand of jungle boots that is suitable for outdoor and heavy duty activity.

Specifications are similar to the Black Panama Sole Military Jungle Boots. They are:

  • Multi material boot with canvas and nylon in the upper shoe, black leather toe and heel with black panama leather. It is an 8” boot. The materials are specially made to withstand hostile environments, for example rocky and thorny The heel is also modified to grip slippery grounds and it is 8” height to protect the entire foot from harm during activity.
  • ​Sizes range from 1 to 15 with regular width and 5 to 13 for wide width.
  • Colors available are black, O.D and just recently introduced, tan.

These boots are recommended for hitch-hiking and outdoor activities such as camping. Manufacturers advise buyers to purchase a size smaller for a perfect fit.

Rothco Jungle Boots Video Review

Customer Reviews

Customers give this boot a five-star rating with confidence in longevity of the boot. Some buyers boast having had a pair for three years which is a good run for any shoe. Some buyers also say that the boot is light and comfortable and excellent for wet terrains because of its sole. However, this product has one shortcoming that users mentioned. It has a nauseating smell on purchase, but with constant aeration, the smell disappears.

 3.  Danner Women’s Tanicus 8-inch Combat boots

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

These are jungle boots that have been specially designed to fit women. Other boots are usually not friendly on the female’s foot, causing blisters and roughness on the soles.

Specifications for these boots are:

  • High-performance rugged, full grain leather, combines with 1000-Denier nylon breathable upper.
  • ​It is lightweight and athletic in design to increase range of motion.
  • ​It has a synthetic sole with a shaft that measures 7”5 from the arch.
  • ​It has a removable insole and an adjustable circumference.
  • ​Mid-sole has an added layer of cushioning to provide extra comfort and a dampening heel-cup for maximum under foot comfort.
  • For grip and mobility, the outsole has pentagonal lugs.

Customer reviews

Customers have reported accurate sizing of the boots. They fit just right and their laces and circumference can be adjusted for a snug or loose fit as well.

They are also reportedly good for warm weather and their lightweight features enable ease of movement. They are very comfortable as well.

 4.  Belleville TR900 Jungle Runner Lightweight Panama Boot

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0

This boot is specially designed for running due to its light weight and strong soles.

Its specifications include:

  • Strong and breathable cow-hide leather and nylon upper.
  • ​Rugged and lightweight design suitable for hot weather.
  • ​Double and triple stitched seams that ensure durability of the boot and prevent tears in rough terrains and during usage over a long period of time.
  • Strong panama sole with an out-sole that has additional rappelling bars.

The product is fairly water-resistant, although it is not 100% waterproof.

Customer reviews

Customers attest that the boot is made of good and strong material and a great for hiking because they are well protected from tear in any terrain. They also have good traction in the soles for grip and mobility in slippery areas. Customers have reported, however, that the shoe has poor quality laces, but these can easily be upgraded online.

 5.  Nike Men’s SFB Field 8-inch Leather/British Khaki Boot

Rating: 3.7 / 5.0

This is a boot that provides comfort and protection while ensuring performance is at its peak.

The boots’ specifications include:

  • Suede and leather multi-material for strength and agility of the boot on any terrain.
  • ​A strong rubber sole.
  • ​It is light-weight and flexible for ease of movement.
  • ​Its sole has an internal rock that protects the sole from damage and also protects the foot from puncture in rocky and thorny areas..
  • Adjustable lacing system to enable comfortable fit.

Customer reviews

The product is satisfactory, and has proven to be great for running. In addition, they do not cause blisters and are light-weight.

Nike Mens SFB Field Video Review

However, customers warn that the boot is made of a softer sole, therefore, it easily wears out during continued use on concrete or asphalt.

General overview

All boots are quite similar in make and in functionality. They have panama sole and multi-material body for durability of the sole and overall boot. They are recommended for heavy duty activities and outdoor activities.


  • They are made to function on any terrain. They can weather any condition and environment, from rocky to swampy.
  • ​The panama sole is specifically designed to grip mud or slippery ground and this helps maneuver with ease in these conditions.
  • Their hard body build and multi-materials give them tough skin to withstand damage in rocky areas and during heavy duty activities for example mining and construction where sharp rocks can easily tear a regular shoe.


  • The smell seems to be a very undesirable feature in the first two boots.

These boots rank top 5 compared to many other brands and are highly recommended by users. I think compared to other boots, these will serve their purpose much better and efficiently.

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